• emilydurant2

Susanna Leonard Hill's Halloweensie Contest 2021

Here is my entry to Susanna's Halloweensie contest!

A Helpful Ghost

Ben tripped on a root

(Or a rock, or a stump?)

He flew through the air,

Landed hard with a THUMP!

His trick-or-treat goodies

Flung over the ground.

On his knees in the dark,

Ben fumbled around.

Scooping into his bag

All the treats he could get.

Goosebumps on his arms

With his costume now wet.

He found what he could,

And started to stand,

When someone reached out

And gave Ben a hand.

The arm glowed in the dark.

There was a charge in the air.

Ben looked up to say “thanks”...

But no one was there.

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