• emilydurant2

Susanna Leonard Hill's Holiday Contest for Children's Writers 2021

Here is my entry!

A Miscalculation

Attention all children!

Come out in the snow

And bring all your shovels and gear

Join in the sport

And build your best fort

For the holiday contest this year!

We dig and we pat

We scoop and we splat

To build the best fortress of all

No torrent of snow

No, nothing they throw

Will knock down our unyielding wall!

Two towering turrets

Three tactical windows

Four bunkers built into the floor

Snowballs piled high

Stacked up to the sky

There must be two hundred or more!

We hold up a finger

So that we can tell

Which direction the cold wind is blowing

We take up our stance

They don’t stand a chance

Let’s get this tournament going!

Whoosh, whoosh, THUD, THUD

Oh no, wait a minute!

We should have seen this from the start

The snowballs we chuck

Don’t have any luck—

Our snow forts are too far apart!

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