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Kailei Pew's Kid's Choice Contest 2022

Here is my entry to the Kid's Choice Contest! (Middle Grade)

Disappearing Act

The most recent occupant of the now-empty storefront had been the most fascinating of all. A man with a black mustache that curled at the end and a top hat opened a circus and magic supply store called “Sands of the Nile.”

The store was full of all the whats-its and gadgets necessary to perform any magic trick imaginable. Decks of cards, magic wands, and even a few live rabbits in cages filled the shelves. Children gathered there after school, as the mustachioed man would perform all manner of tricks for them in an attempt to drum up some business.

It was on one of these afternoons that the man was demonstrating his new “disappearing box” for the children. He stepped inside, closed the box, muttered a few words, and then… silence. The children waited for a few minutes, but becoming impatient, worked together to pry open the box. They found it completely empty.

After inspecting the closets, behind the checkout counter, and even the basement of the building, they determined that they had just witnessed the most marvelous and unbelievable trick ever performed. And indeed, the mustachioed man was never seen or heard from again.

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