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Susanna Leonard Hill's Holiday Contest for Children's Writers 2022


He dropped down the chimney and shook off the soot.

The first house of many—the night would be long.

He filled up the stockings, set gifts by the tree.

All seemed in order… but something was wrong.

Something was missing—the smell of fresh cookies.

A glance at the hearth proved his worry was valid.

Water instead of a big glass of milk

and the cookies replaced with a colorful salad!

The next house presented the same strange conundrum.

Someone had made all the treats disappear.

He held up some kale chips and celery stalks,

cried out to his reindeer “What’s happening this year?!”

House after house filled with fresh fruits and veggies.

No morsel in sight—someone clearly had planned it.

They hustled and rolled from one house to the next.

At last, they caught up with that mean goodie bandit!

“I’ve caught you red-handed, there’s nowhere to flee.

Release all the treats from your sly little paws.

Now turn around so I can see who you are!”

But he never supposed it would be… Mrs. Claus?!

“Why in the world are you sneaking around,

Stealing my milk and the sweets from each plate??”

“My dear, please don’t fret, I was just trying to help.

You told me this season you’d like to lose weight!”

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