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#KidLitVibes 2022 Entry: Awkward!

Here is my entry for the #KidLitVibes contest - my theme word was AWKWARD! (How perfect for me!)

That Awkward Moment When...

Mom, I have something to show you

I’ll tug on your pants ‘til you look

Your eyes won’t believe

This trick up my sleeve

And all of the practice it took!

It feels like you can’t even hear me

When your friends are around it’s the worst

Stop chatting away

And come watch me play!

If you don’t look I think I might burst

Mom, are you paying attention?

I’m tugging with all of my might!

What’s wrong with your ears?

I’ve been tugging for years!

Won’t you acknowledge my plight?

Mom, you will think it’s outstanding

This move I can do is the bomb!

Just wait ‘til you see

Pay attention to me!

EEK!— You’re not my mom!

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