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Lydia Lukidis' #FallWritingFrenzy 2021

Here is my entry to the #FallWritingFrenzy contest!

Scooping Guts

My first Jack-O-Lantern

Will be the talk of the town!

I’ll win the award.

Wear the Halloween crown.

My carving will startle,

Will shock, and will scare.

People will pause on their walk

And just stare!

“Genius!” they’ll cry

“What child is so smart

that from a boring old pumpkin,

they created this art?!”

The lines will be crisp

The picture alight.

Gory Halloween detail

Will give people a fright.

It might be so good

A museum takes it away.

They’ll buy a glass case

And put it up on display.

“Dad, cut off the top,

So I can begin!”

I pass him the knife,

And he plunges it in.

My excitement grows

As he saws and he cuts

Then he lifts off the top… GROSS!!

I am NOT scooping guts!!

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