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Pacific Northwest Writers' Association Annual Literary Contest for Unpublished Work 2021

Enjoy an excerpt from my entry for the Children's Book category!

The Christmas Mouse

Pip’s tummy grumbled, he began to despair

When with a whoosh and a thud, a man appeared from thin air.

The man’s sudden presence gave Pip such a fright

But he didn’t notice the mouse in the dark of the night.

From his sack he took boxes, bent down on one knee

And arranged them by size at the base of the tree.

Pip turned away, feeling sad and depressed

Without one scrap of food, he’d return to the nest.

Then suddenly a niggling scent caught his nose

Coming straight from the place where up the man rose.

Up through the chimney and out of the house

But he’d left a small gift for the tired, hungry mouse...

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